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Hey Peeps,

Welcome to my blog!

It might be a bit presumptuous but I thought you might like to know a bit more about me.  As I’m not entirely sure what to say or where to begin I might just throw stuff out there and see what sticks. I’m 26, blonde, blue eyed, with legs a mile lOng… paints a pretty picture doesn’t it? Shame its not true.. I’m 5’2″ & the rest sounds better than it really is haha

I’m into the typical things most 26 year old gals are: cups of tea, Netflix binges and a bit of knitting on the side.. oh yea did I mention I’m an old lady in a young body? The highlight of my weekends is putting on my comfies, slip slips (slippers) and hanging out with my dogs with the fire lit. When I come to think of it I’m actually pretty damn dull haha ah well it’s my life and I like.

Aside from spending my time loafing around looking like a slob and eating copious amounts of junk food while glued to a book or TV series (ill make a post later on what my fav’s are) with the occasional sniff of my armpits to make sure I haven’t crossed over to the yuck side I absolutely love trying new things, stagnancy is death! Nothing sounds more miserable to me then doing the same s**t everyday, every week, every year without at least some new experience in there. I thrive on change, it can be something as small as trying a new BBQ sauce brand to going to a country I’ve never visited before but this is the stuff that makes me feel alive. Oh that and food. Lots of food.

In the short span that I have graced this planet with my presence I have managed to cram a fair bit in, from moving overseas on my own, buying my first home to redundancy and much more, there has been a lot going on, I think this is only the beginning of a very interesting life and I’m gonna share it with you.

I don’t want to write to much about myself right now other wise I won’t have anything to talk about later! So keep checking for latests posts and don’t forget to subscribe (box on the right) so that you don’t miss out on anything 😀

Tata for now xo

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